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Kadia Tubman is the founder of Soulstice Circle, a national accountabuddy network of goal-getters who support one another to achieve their dreams. She created Soulstice Circle in 2015 to provide ambitious yet overloaded womxn with a space to focus on their personal growth, take action on their biggest goals, and build community in a meaningful way.

Kadia personally saw the power of community and goals transform her life from functional poverty to a life in which her wildest dreams have come true. Through a bold vision for her life and the support of a powerful network she went from nearly failing out of college to studying at the world's top universities, from struggling to make sense of her purpose to creating a business aligned with her calling, and from living day by day to leading her life.


Through Soulstice Circle, Kadia speaks about professional and personal alignment, mentorship, networking, strategic goal-mapping, and overcoming the resistance that emerges while pursuing your dreams. Her mission in life is to inspire hope, confidence, and courage in others to visualize and actualize the lives they want to lead. 

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