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Kadia Tubman is your Goals Guru

She's also the Ultimate Accountabudy* who's on a mission to keep dreamers from living a goal-less life. She created Soulstice Circle in 2015 to provide ambitious yet overloaded goal-getters with a space to focus on their personal growth and take action on their biggest dreams -- all while building community in a meaningful way.

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Accountability buddy 



The person who knows your goals and holds you accountable to reach them


Soulstice has changed my life for the great! I'm finally taking leaps of faith (as opposed to my usual baby steps) on some important goals in my life.

It has given me the framework and reminder to prioritize my goals and needs. It has also shown me that in a short period of time, major changes can occur.

Soulstice has impacted my life by providing a mirror to myself through community. I've been encouraged, inspired, and challenged throughout the process. I've learned to show up for myself and honor myself in ways that I would negotiate myself out of in the past.

It's about FULLY and wholeheartedly committing to self: self-discovery, self-fulfillment, self-accountability, and ultimately self-defined and sustainable success.

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