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I'm Kadia Tubman and the founder of Soulstice Circle, a national accountabuddy network of goal-getters who support one another to achieve their dreams.

I'm on a mission to keep you from living a goal-less life and to show you how accessible your success can be no matter who, where or what you are. I created Soulstice Circle in 2015 to do just that,  providing ambitious yet overloaded women with a space to focus on their personal growth, take action on their biggest goals, and build community in a meaningful way.

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Mission Statement

Let's make success accessible. 

Success is a team sport, but some folks are born with an entire league behind them or they're one of the lucky few to get drafted as a topic pick. But privilege and exceptionalism aside, everyone should have a chance to reach success -- however they define success in their lives.


Soulstice Circle is on a mission to make that possible, one dream, one goal, one circle at a time.  


My Story

My biggest dreams and goals weren't supposed to come true. ​

I grew up with pantry lines, homeless shelters, eviction notices, and first-gen responsibilities. And yet, I dreamed big. Without clear logic, I saw myself going to the best schools, traveling to countries I only read about in books, using my voice to inform and inspire others -- even being on television. All of those dreams have come true. 

But I didn't do it alone. I  experienced first-hand the power of community and goals transform my life from functional poverty to a life in which my wildest dreams have come true. Through a bold (and I dare say audacious) vision for my life and the support of a nurturing network, I went from nearly failing out of college to studying at the world's top universities, from struggling to make sense of my purpose to creating a business aligned with my calling, and from living day by day to leading my life.


Through Soulstice Circle, I speak about professional and personal alignment, strategic goal-mapping, mentorship, networking, and overcoming the resistance that emerges while pursuing your dreams.


My vision is a world where everyone has a chance to achieve their biggest goals -- and that they have the support to make it happen.


Kadia Tubman received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Babson College. She went on to become a marketing and communications strategist, working for global media companies like MTV/Viacom and Nielsen. Kadia made a career pivot in 2017, leaving Wall Street to earn a Master's in journalism from Columbia University. After which she became a national politics reporter, a Reuters journalist fellow at Oxford, and a global news editor. 

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