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Keeping Ambition Alive

Ambition is in all of us. Without it, we get by. With it, we get more. Ambtion is the part of us that won’t settle for less, and has an unwavering belief that everything (EVERYTHING) is within our reach. It disregards time and fatigue. It doesn't shout or show off. It's grateful for what we have and what's to come. It also withers away when it's neglected. In moments when we find ambition too lonely, too demanding, or too idealistic, here are three refreshers to keep it alive and kicking.


Ambition endures when we trust that there's more than enough room and resources for everyone to win--for everyone to get what they want. This means our ambitions aren't stemmed in fear, lack or limitation, but in an abundance mindset. When we don't think abundantly, we accept anything that's "close enough" to what we want. We seek instant gratification because we don’t trust we'll get what we want if it takes too long to come. Now, it’s hard to think abundantly when you’re worried about competition, bills, and life’s random responsibilities. It’s easier to think short-term, cut your losses, and accept what’s in front of you right this moment. But sometimes the best thing for you isn’t going to come easily or come to you at all. You will need to go after what you want. You will need to trust you have everything you need to get everything what you want. Before all, you have yourself.


Attraction is not a telekinetic superpower. Things won't come to you because you will it so. Attraction is the level of awareness and focus on your desire. The more you know what you want, the better your aim, and the closer you draw yourself to your desire. In all actuality, what you want may be right under your nose. Without clarity and focus, you'll miss it. Think of it this way: when you’re looking for a friend in a crowd how do you find them? You focus on what sets them apart (hair, clothes, height) and look past anyone who doesn't fit the description. Your friend won't won't walk up to you, but you'll easily find your way to them. Attraction works against you, too. Let's say you're trying to avoid someone in that same crowd. You're watching over your shoulder hoping not to bump into them. In a way, they have your focus, and thus you shouldn't be surprised if you run into them. So, attract wisely. Be honest about your desires, why you have them, how they serve (or don't serve) you, and then be intentional about getting them.


You get what you give. To get what you want, your actions need to be consistent so as to build a habit. Consistency requires commitment and discipline. Fun, fun, right? Making moves is the easiest aspect of growing your ambition. It only requires you to take steps--baby steps at that--to get what you want. Sitting and waiting will only bring you more time to sit and wait. Ambition will ask you to trust your gut and make your move. It will ask you to act courageously in moments when you want to quit. It will ask you to allow yourself to try, fail and suceed, because when it comes to getting what we want, we're the only ones in our way.

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