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for the great! I'm finally taking leaps of faith (as opposed to my usual baby steps) on some important goals in my life.

Soulstice was truly the beacon of light

during a very dark, sad period of my life (start of this pandemic). You all did not allow me to fall, picked me back up and even more..pushed me to keep working towards my goals even though I really did not want to ... It's a blessing.

It's been fantastic

I was not prepared for the level of accountability that would come from myself as well as others.

Soulstice has changed my life

Soulstice is about being deliberate in everything I desire

and strive to accomplish. It's about FULLY and wholeheartedly committing to self: self-discovery, self-fulfillment, self-accountability, and ultimately self-defined and sustainable success.

Soulstice has given me a wonderful support group

of women who motivate me as I accomplish my goals. I also like the Soulstice Sister learning events where we receive information and advice from each other.

The biggest impact Soulstice has had on me

has been its role in keeping me accountable to MYSELF. Usually, at the start of every year, I do write out a list of goals, but I’ve never written them out following a SMART outline and I only look back on the list a couple times a year. I also don’t share it with anyone, either. Being a part of Soulstice set up structure for me to set better goals, regularly review them, and take action on what’s important to me!

Soulstice helped me grow immensely

while on my spiritual, mental and physical journey in this thing called life. You have inspired me to live wholeheartedly, create and enforce boundaries and choose faith over fear.

Soulstice has given me the framework

and reminder to prioritize my goals and needs. It has also shown me that in a short period of time, major changes can occur. It revealed to me just how important it is to make daily commitments, set check- points for achievement and monitor what that means in a way that is relevant and necessary FOR ME. Additionally, Soulstice has connected me with an invaluable network of purpose-driven women.

Soulstice has impacted my life

by providing a mirror to myself through community. I've been encouraged, inspired, and challenged throughout the process. I've learned to show up for myself and honor myself in ways that I would negotiate myself out of in the past.

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